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Adam D. 水垢,J.D.

NC State Board of Legal Specialization - 家庭法 Specialist




伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所 Attorney, Adam D. Furr has been practicing family law since 2012. Adam was also certified by the NC Bar as a 家庭法 Specialist in 2018. Considered a caring 和 compassionate attorney by his clients, Adam also has a deep love for financial calculations.

“Frankly, I love numbers, spreadsheets, 和 Microsoft Excel. I went to business school because I had an interest in corporate 和 tax law 和 thought I might find my niche t在这里. 然而, 整天与实体打交道, 而不是个人, just didn’t seem to fit my ultimate goal of helping people. 家庭法. I get to spend roughly half of my time on the numbers/corporate/tax law end of cases; I spend the other half of my time on individuals,” 说亚当.

这次是和他的客户, preparing them for mediation or court 和 helping to educate them on the North Carolina Law that gives him the most satisfaction.

“I take pride in being able to advocate for 和 st和 side by side with individuals 和 their families in what is likely the hardest time in their lives. I know that I have made a difference when I hear that sigh of relief when the judge rules, or get that hug from a client at the end of the case, 或者感谢邮件/卡片. But the biggest sense of satisfaction comes when I see a client even just months after the case is complete, 他们看起来就像换了一个人. Seeing clients getting back to their lives, 微笑, 和 enjoying life again makes it all worthwhile,” 说亚当.

An area he would like to see understood more from the general population is the legal process, 作为一个整体, specifically the time it takes to reach a client’s end result in family law.

“It is a rare occasion that a client’s goals are accomplished overnight. Family law often requires, at the very least, negotiation, mediation, litigation. Each of these steps takes time, sometimes years. 然而, this time is spent working towards the client’s goals. Essentially, I would impress upon potential clients that these things take time. 经常, to get the best result that the law will allow, you have to put the time 和 effort into the case,” 说亚当.

As a family law attorney at 伍德拉夫家庭律师事务所, Adam appreciates the value of having three North Carolina Board Certified 家庭法 Specialists available to discuss case law.

“I have access to a wealth of knowledge 和 experience. I can bounce ideas off of them constantly 和 hear varying views 和 opinions on a topic. 这是最好的资源. Oh 和, they are a lot of fun outside of work too,” 说亚当.

一路都有狗. I have two incredible dogs at the moment. One is Gatsby, a Great Dane 和 the other is Atticus, a local rescue. If it were possible, I would bring my dogs to work every day.

温斯顿•丘吉尔(Winston Churchill): “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.”




Honors 和 Activities: Innocence Project, 商法协会, Voted “Most Likely to Stay in 澳门网上赌彩网址大全 和 Become an Elon Law Preceptor”

B.A. in Business Management, Appalachian State University, 2009
荣誉和活动:院长名单, LifeTouch领导力奖学金, 卡托巴学者奖学金, Admittance 和 Membership Philomathean Society

承认执业的司法管辖区 北卡罗来纳州,2012年
专业 & 律师协会会员

家庭法 Section of the 澳门网上赌彩网址大全 Bar Association

North Carolina Bar, Board Certified 家庭法 Specialist, 2018
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